The Frogs

The Who, What and Where of The Frogs
circa 1908
The Officers were:

On July 18, 1908, The Frogs Club was organized in New York by the 11 men featured in the photograph. Less than a month before, most of them had performed at a benefit, at the West End Theater in New York, for Ernest Hogan. Hogan, a veteran of the musical theater was a man they had all worked with before and must have admired. One of the unanswered questions about this group is whether the Frogs were formed as a memorial to Hogan.

The group was named after the characters in Aristophanes' play and Aesop's fable. The founders meant the organization's name to symbolize their feelings of dignity and responsibility. The "club" was held in great respect by the Harlem commuinty and held benefits in various cities on the East Coast.

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