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If you are looking for information about a particular song, try the ASCAP or BMI sites as that is where the copyrights are registered for every song ever written. If you are looking for information about an artist, try The All Music Guide first

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I get many e-mails from students in high school or college. If you are in that group please remember that I will NOT do your homework or research your term paper. I also do not have any access to song lyrics as these are Copyrighted and those copyrights are vigorously enforced. I have found and put together a series of links that may help you with these tasks. - HOMEWORK HELPERS - As I make some of my living as a researcher, believe me when I tell you, that there isn't a place more valuable for finding an answer to a question than your local library not the Internet.

I receive many questions about the origins of jazz. If you want to know:

The city in which jazz was born,

Who invented Jazz?
Who was the first Jazz musician?
How Jazz became a music
The origins of the word jazz.
The effects of jazz

My web site is about the roots of jazz and the people who helped make early Jazz popular. I don't feel that it is the purpose of my website to deprive scholars or students from learning the answer to this question without learning how to do the research it takes. Too many young people think that the answers to any of their questions can be found on the Internet, I disagree. Your local library and books are where the real action is!

African Americans not allowed entry into the Cotton Club

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